Here is the list of documents our brokerage has made that global insurers commonly request to process your claims in a timely manner in Mexico. This is not a complete list, as insurers will request specific documents that are unique to the claim, but if you get all of these you will be in a good position.

For filing general claims, you will need to collect the following paperwork:

  • Factura for visits over $100 USD (electronic invoice; use RFC “Publico en General RFC XAXX010101000”). Doctors/hospitals are required by law to provide you with a factura, but you have only 30 Days from the date of service to request this document.

  • For claims under $100 USD, a recibo with doctor’s name, address, services rendered, date of service, client’s name.

  • All claims must have proof of payment, ie. credit card slip, “Pagado” stamp, etc.

  • If Doctor's medical notes & records are requested, they must clearly state the date of the onset of symptoms in D/M/Year or M/D/Year, doctor’s recommendations for treatments/testing.

For Medication & Labs/Tests (in addition to above):

  • Written prescription for medication, labs/testing.

  • Receipts from the pharmacy - Factura if medication over $100 USD.

  • Results of labs/testing.

  • Medical report/note from doctor with date of onset of symptoms and treatment recommendations, ie. “Patient came to see me when symptoms started D/M/YEAR or M/D/YEAR. I am prescribing xxx.” The date must include day, month, year.

For surgeries, ER visits, & Overnight Admittance (in addition to above):

  • Itemized bill - breakdown cost of every item used during hospitalization.

  • ER notes.

  • Surgeon's Operative Report.

  • Anestheseolgist's Report.

  • Admission & Discharge notes.

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