Applying for international insurance can be a complicated process due to a process called underwriting. Many of our clients from countries like the USA or Canada are not used having to do medical exams or provide in-depth medical history when applying to health insurance.

Before applying

What is typically needed to apply:

  • Application - Submit an online, or paper application to us

  • Identification - Scan of a government issued ID for all applicants

  • Proof of Residency - Most commonly asked is either a resident visa, or proof of address (rental lease, utility bill, bank statement etc)

  • Medical Records - Not needed ahead of time, but insurers will generally ask for medical records after you submit an application if you have a major preexisting condition. Most commonly asked for items are a written diagnosis from your previous physician, and/or recent lab work showing the extent of the condition.

Get a Quote

Use our live quoting tool to view different policies. If you are overwhelmed, make an appointment with one of our brokers to help guide you through the process.

Quote Tool

Broker Consultation Request


Submit a generic application to our brokers to start the request. We will work with you to ensure an accurate application to prevent any delays with the insurance provider.

Start an application


The insurance company will then review your application with their medical committee and either make an offer on the policy, or make a request for more information. It is at this point your medical records will prove most helpful, as the insurer may request an up-to-date medical records regarding your conditions.

Payment / Issuance

Once you have accepted the policy, you will pay for the policy and it will be issued within a few business days. Your broker or the insurance company will send you a welcome email with your insurance cards and certificate of coverage.

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